Quick Tip: Are We Dating The Same Guy

Their branding, to ensure you've found the right group

I wanted to drop this here because the Paris one sucks but I’m hoping more women learn about it and join. 

I don’t date in America so I didn’t know about it, but in NYC they created a Facebook group called “Are We Dating the Same Guy?”. It’s a group for women to post their horror stories, call out gross men, and generally keep each other safe. It expanded and now has groups in all major cities. 

I am a member of both the London and Paris groups, but I have not had to use them because I’m not dating a scoundrel. Technically a guy doesn’t need to just act bad to be called out. You can post a picture and ask the group if anyone knows the person and get reviews too. It’s like Yelp, but for men. 

It really is sad what women have to do just to date safely in this world. You’d be surprised what some of these posts bring up! One girl was dating a guy in London for two years and he had gotten married while they were together. He was planning a two week holiday with her. What was he going to tell his wife? Men are appalling. You cannot blame women for creating these groups. 

London has a lot more posts than Paris so it needs to grow a bit. Anyone who has dated in Paris knows how horrible the men are so I think it’s a lack of members that has kept it empty. Time to change that. 

Next time you’re unsure of a guy or you meet someone rapey, aggressive, abusive, a cheater, or just plain old disgusting, I suggest checking out the groups. They are private and you will need to be vetted. It's a group for women, run by women, so men are naturally trying to make their way in. Give them some time to accept you. 

Here’s a write up of the group, which was how I found it: https://www.glamour.com/story/are-we-dating-the-same-guy-facebook-group Bonne chance!