Quick Tip: French Days

France is hugely protectionist. And also a little like the kid on the playground who sees what you have and has to have it too. What makes this "event" different is that French Days are like Soldes but for French manufacturing. It's a way to boost the economy.

French products are up to 80% off at online retailers. Not all French products of course (Chanel is made in Spain even if it ever did have a sale), but if you're looking for something at BoulangerCdiscountFnacDartyLa RedouteRue du Commerce, or showroomprive.com (the creators of this concept), you're in luck. 

It all started in 2018 when France, looking at America, decided they wanted their own Black Friday (and a way to get one over on Amazon). Backed by the government, it's purpose is to allow French merchants the ability to create flash sales (remember Soldes is also a government regulated event). French Days, much like Soldes, usually occurs twice a year, in May and September.

Personally I never pay attention to them. The only sale I care about is Monoprix's birthday sale when they discount the parapharmacie 20% (and an extra 10% with Monoprix's subscription). They come too close together, and I honestly can't think of anything "French" I need more than usual. At least not enough to wait for it to be 10% off. If you're wondering, no, those French made beauty products aren't apart of the sale, hence why I wait until Monoprix's to bulk buy them.