Bastille Day

I know, I know I should have posted this before the event, but like what American wants to go to Bastille Day? You spend your whole life with the Fourth of July and you want to go the budget, off brand knockoff version? No. 

For those that don't know French people celebrate their national day on July 14th. They have a parade down the Champs Elysees and then a fireworks show at night. The entire week before you will hear planes flying overhead, which may startle you because planes are not allowed to fly above Paris, but they are practicing. And the day of you will hear very loud planes when they do the air show. I somehow did not hear the planes because I sleep with white noise (thank god). And then planes fly around all day. So annoying. I saw some tourists mention it, thinking we were under attack. 

In 8 years I have never watched the fireworks from Champ de Mars. Being packed in a small area with a bunch of people is not my idea of a good time. But apparently the trick is to start to camp by noon latest, and then never leave that spot. 

Ew right? It's sad because I probably could have done that because my apartment is 3 mins walk to the parc, but again not my jam. It happens every year so feel free to check it out next year: link.