Quick Tip: Getting a CdS Appointment

For those that have not been following the chaos that is the étranger website, they say it’s a backlog from Covid, but the CdS renewal has been chaos. It’s been like that for months. Some people were renewed back in December and are still waiting, some are doing renewals before they do their OFII appointment. It’s all backwards. 

If your carte is renewed, you need an appointment in order to pick it up. Don’t even try showing up without because you will be turned away. But don’t worry most people can’t get an appointment. The Prefecture will just tell you “c'est normal. Vous avez juste besoin d'avoir de la patience." One girl has been waiting two years… If you’re a procrastinator it really is your time to shine because they’re not checking, and they know it’s their fuckup. 

Apparently there’s a blackmarket for appointments (you gotta laugh). But short of paying a scammer, the only trick that seems to work is to log on at midnight on Sunday/early morning Monday when they release the next batch of appointments and Hunger Games some people. 

Good luck!