Quick Tip: Brocantes


I love a good brocante. I’m not into second hand clothes, but I am into vintage finds when it comes to furniture and deco. My living room is mainly mid-century, and I’ve been on the hunt for a Haussmann (baroque or rococo no one knows) mirror for months. I finally gave up, because I didn’t want an actual vintage one (if I leave Paris I wouldn’t know what to do with a 1,000€ mirror), and reproductions are hard to find. Maisons du Monde has been out of stock of one in particular for months. Anthropologie sells one but $1500? They are having a laugh. If you’re into DIY you can try the dupe here.

I did try to hit up a few brocantes to find one. I went to one two weeks ago with my Italian friend, near our homes on avenue de Saxe. We definitely expected more because posh neighborhood, but it wasn’t great. They can be hit or miss, and you’ll notice the same sellers at some of them. 

For instance I love maps. Which is kind of a weird fetish, but I do, and you can usually find the vintage map sellers at the brocantes. If you do find that you like a seller definitely ask them for their socials. I still follow the seller of the map I bought Christian on Insta.

Obviously the main, most popular, flea market is Les Puces de Saint Ouen. You’ll have glimpsed it a few times in Lupin. Christian and I went one weekend, and I was actually really shocked by how posh the actual market is. Saint Ouen is not a nice area, but inside the flea market they have expensive restaurants, and it’s like being in Saint Germain de Près on a weekend or something. 

If you don’t feel like trekking out there, you can find some in your neighborhood. I follow my Mairie (7é) on Twitter but I don’t think the French (they're called Croissant Twitter on Twitter) use Twitter as much as Facebook. Usually there will be signs on the lampposts letting you know it is happening that weekend. But, if like me, you’re perpetually oblivious to everything, here is a handy dandy list: