Lulu Dans Ma Rue

As far as I’m aware there isn’t an Angie’s List for France. In my experience people ask for recommendations and hope for the best. Which is why I want to remind everyone of this service. Whether you need help fixing something, painting something, moving something, or setting something up, this service takes care of most of that. The only problem for me is that I forget the name of a lot of the time. I Google three different things before finding it again. It’s not really an illustrative name that conjures up plumbers and fix-its. Lulu just doesn’t correlate to ‘handyman’ in my brain. 

But a good way to explain it is that it’s like the French Task Rabbit. If you’re weary, and have been burned by unscrupulous handymen in the pass, note that this site is in partnership with the Mairie, so it's legit. I trust the City to regulate these things better than finding a handyman on Google. 

As I mentioned before I needed movers for a sofa the delivery men did not want to bring upstairs, so I contacted them. A girl in my bookclub called them up to put together her IKEA table. They really do all sorts of things. All you need to do is find the need that correlates to your desire and set up a request online. They text you when they’ve found someone. Simple, easy. 

You can find the person to help with all of your household requisites at this address: