Become a City of Paris Volunteer, Les Volontaires de Paris

This is something I've always wanted to take part in. Years ago I tried to find animal shelters to volunteer at, but the information wasn’t easy to find. I guess I was looking in the wrong place. 

If you're someone who likes volunteering, you can try lending a hand to the City. I always assumed the people at Nuit Blanche and Heritage Days were people who worked for the Mairie, but they are not. They’re volunteers. 

The City makes it very simple to find volunteer work. Instead of applying at each individual charity, you can submit your information to become one by going here. You'll have to go through mandatory training, but after that you'll be doing things like making hygiene kits for the homeless, visiting isolated seniors. helping with the Olympics, planting trees, the program is what you make of it. You'll be able to sign up for whatever assignments you wish. And at the very least you may get one of those cool little jackets.