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Honestly Monoprix is a mess. I love the store, it's the place I shop, but they have so many websites and apps, they really need to streamline their tech/brand. It's confusing. And weirdly enough you cannot order Monop' on Monoprix Plus (Monoprix's online grocery store). I have to use UberEats for that (currently offering 40% off so a short win?).

As I mentioned in another post, you should definitely sign up for Monoprix Flix (their subscription service). I can personally vouch for it because I use it with regularity. You need to spend 20€ or 50€ to take part in delivery. I spend about 100-150€ a week on an order so it’s not an issue for me. Personally I don’t know why I order so much because my pantry is so full I can’t fit anything else in it, and I opt to eat UberEats everyday instead (UberPass is also a good subscription to have), but I guess I’m a hoarder. Things are there if I ever want them. It also helps that they offer more than just food. You can order household stuff, stuff that is sometimes cheaper than on Amazon (they finally fixed their French website so it works like American Amazon, but their customer service suuuucccks).

Probably the biggest selling point of the program is that you get 10% off. Even during promotions, like the parapharmacie 20% off, you get it in addition. Usually they have a 20% off (instead of 10) promo on Monoprix branded items promo so that’s nice too. 

Another perk is that delivery is free. They even deliver until 11p/23:00 so you're bound to get a delivery in straight away no matter when you order. Although be careful on the weekend. I once ordered late on a Friday night and the next delivery wasn’t until Sunday. Either no slots were left, or they need at least 24 hours notice. Also note that like most French, they do not show up on time, which was shocking to me. It was my first order and I was blowing up the Monoprix WhatsApp helpline (only available to Monoprix Flix subscribers, another perk). I then found out they are known for being hours late. So far it’s only happened once (fingers crossed).

You also get 10% off when shopping in stores, but not on M' Monoprix (which is just their app or the name for their Mode side?). That’s probably the only gripe I have with their integration issue; I have to place two separate orders when purchasing anything on the Mode side. 

They usually offer 15€-30€ off when you spend more than 100-150€ so you get that as well. They're heavy on the promos. These will always be found on the home screen, if like me you automatically swipe delete their emails. 

I know most people will tell you not to shop at Monoprix because it’s the most expensive grocery store (well except for La grande Epicere), but I can afford to shop there, I love the brand, and Monoprix Flix is hands down so beneficial to me. Honestly the subscription should be more expensive than it is. With as much as I use it, I’m ripping them off. I cannot sing it’s praises enough. The only time I go to Franprix or Monop' (closest grocery stores to my house) is if I run out of something and can't wait for delivery (rarely, only happened twice). I will happily never go into a grocery store again. 

If you use my code NEWP-CFEBBDJG-30 you'll get 30€ and I'll get 20€, so feel free to sign up!