R.I.P the Safe List

Flying to Europe with nothing but your CDC card has come to an end. Be prepared. It’s such an unnecessary inconvenience but you may now need a negative Covid test and your CDC card. It will be up to individual countries to decide how they want to play it but so far Sweden (which is a laugh considering their numbers) is requiring more. 

Here I am looking for ways to scam a booster shot, meanwhile many are refusing to get even one. I can’t believe people refuse to get it. But alas the numbers are too high and Europe doesn’t trust blue passports any longer. 

I’m just glad they no longer need to perform nasopharyngeal tests. I never had one but I didn’t want to try it. If you are an American and you plan on spending but a short time in Europe make sure you take your return test kit with you (it’s cheaper and easier). I didn’t realize it, but you can’t enter the US without having a test done. I didn’t even know they could deny a US citizen entry to the US. #TheMoreYouKnow