Quick Tip: Le Marché Saint-Pierre à Paris

I’m not a girl who makes her own clothes or linens. Don’t get me wrong customizing your curtains and pillows is a good concept. I wish I had the patience because I can never find the curtains I love. But I’m not a seamstress. I know how to sew, but I don’t enjoy making my own stuff, and it never comes out very good anyhow. 

Oddly enough you would think fabric would be a bigger topic in Paris, but I don’t know many women I met there who do sew. One woman I worked for showed me the Saint Pierre market, but fashion designers or anything like that? Never met any. The same goes for artists and chefs. Paris is weird like that. 

That said Marche Saint Pierre is the place you would go to if fabrics are your jam. That whole area of Montmartre (apparently called the Fabric district but I have never heard the term) is home to tissus. It’s the place that I imagine most design students would want to know about. 

Or if you’re decorating your home and want to make your own pillows, this is the place you would stop at. The main point is the building pictured above, but you have lots of stores in the area. For instance if you wanted a large selection of African prints you can try Toto. 

It’s probably best to head on in and explore the place on your own to find exactly what you’re looking for. Just be aware it’s not something to be rushed. You’ll definitely want to take your time going through all of the fabrics on offer.