Louvre Nouveau

I was in Paris during the floods of 2016 (and 2018). I remember the uproar when the Seine broke it’s banks. It wasn’t that big of a deal though. We weren’t traveling around Paris in little row boats. I still went to work because Luxembourg and Ecole Militaire weren’t flooded. Life remained untouched as is usual with Paris. But a few of the metros flooded, and you couldn’t take the RER C for like a week. The Louvre went into a tizzy moving pieces from the lower level to the upper levels. I can’t remember if d’Orsay did the same...

Anyhow I wonder about this story. It’s an article on the new Louvre site called Le Conservation du Louvre which is being placed 130 miles north of Paris. Will anyone actually want to travel out there? Most seasoned Parisians will only leave Paris to visit their country homes, and those homes aren’t near Amiens. 

It doesn’t appear as if any of the more famous works will be located there, but in the future if you’re coming for the Louvre make sure you factor in a day to travel to the new site. You can make a day of it by stopping in Amiens to look at the cathedralAmiens is only an hour and a half away from Paris and a ticket costs about 12€. Liévin is a bit north, just south of Lille