Pro Tip: “What’s Changing In France This Month”

Every month there is a segment in Connexion France that gives you a heads up on changes in France. It’s not something I ever really paid attention to because it pertains to things like gas prices, government fees, and energy costs, but it is something good to skim every month. 

In some ways it’s funny because I could never imagine America setting something out like that because we’re just too big and self governed, but I also love that they try to make information easily accessible for people. Imagine if there was a monthly rundown for your country. People would be so much more well informed. It’s one of those little things that gives the sense that French citizens are really involved in their day to day affairs (like how every year the legal code is published and available to buy). If you’ve read French history you will know how and why it’s so I important to them to be actively involved. 

You can usually find the monthly articles here: