Quick Tip: Passports at the American Embassy

I just wanted to make a quick post for those who lose their passport, or have to renew a passport, or for whatever reason you just need a new passport. You’re supposed to come to the appointment with all of your materials, but what they fail to tell you is that everything, except your identification, is available at the Embassy. 

For instance you need your printed application, passport photos, and a self addressed envelope. Let’s say for whatever reason you don’t have time to get all of this stuff (or you’re like me and don’t have a printer), don’t worry. Book your appointment online (or go in person if it’s a strict emergency), and make sure your cell phone has the appointment page (you’ll need it for the guards). After that you can use the computers at the Embassy to print the application (free), you can use the Photomaton as well, and go to the vending machine and get the self addressed envelope (9€). 

It’s super easy and nothing at all to stress about. Don’t be thrown off by the people in line with their little dossier folders. I heard one woman sneer at a family who was taking their photos “who waits to get their passport photo, that is such poor behavior”.  Myeanwhile her annoying ass kids were running around the Embassy like it was zoo. Far worse behavior in my opinion. There’s nothing wrong with being a procrastinator, or not having time to prepare