The Community Library at Passy Plaza

I talked about places to get second hand books on another post but I wanted to make a post just for this because I love this struggle book stop so much I really want it to turn into something great.

For those of you who don’t visit the 16th, because why would you ever want to leave Paris proper for what is basically the suburbs, there is this miniature mall called Passy Plaza. There are two reasons I enjoy this mini 1980’s throwback. 

First being that it has two Monoprixs. The grocery store downstairs, which is one of those big versions with cheese shop, deli, wine section, bakery, sushi, and butcher’s, and something called Monoprix Maison upstairs, which houses home stuff, paper products, limited beauty, and a small cafe. 

This area of Paris is so spoiled for choice they also have a Monoprix 75m down the street that has Monoprix clothes and pharmacy. When I tell you I love Monoprix words cannot describe...

But this isn’t a post to extol my love for Monoprix. This is to tell you about a tiny little community library. On the ground floor of Passy Plaza, facing Zara Home you might not even notice it, but at hip height there is a row of black bookshelves. Here anyone can drop off books or pick some up. It clearly operates under an honor system (take a book, leave a book), but I see old ladies filling up their trolleys all the time. 

What made me give this such a special mention? One summer when I was so bored I had nothing to do but stare at the walls, this saved me. There is someone, or maybe a few people, who once a month or so drop off loads of English books. Sometimes they’re hardback detective mysteries, sometimes they’re current bestsellers, but whoever does it, I want to thank them so much. 

I have read so many books thanks to this tiny little row of shelves. I donate my second hand books hoping it too will help someone in need of reading material. If you happen to have any books you would like to donate, please stop by and drop them off. Let’s pay it forward. 

And if you’re a Russian or Chinese reader someone donates tons of their old books here too. Every few weeks I’ll see piles of Russian books, or once a week I’ll see books in Chinese. The best time to go is Saturday when people seem to be able to drop off more. But be warned sometimes there isn’t anything at all but old magazines. Hopefully if more people hear about it, it could be something really great.