Setting Up EDF

This is going to be a short post because it’s so easy you don’t even really need help with it. I moved into a new apartment and I had to set up the electricity. 5 years in Paris and I had gone without needing to. Dealing with French bureaucracy is always a nightmare and I was not looking forward to this. Thankfully EDF understands that they cater to an international clientele. 

If you go to the website you can try to set it up there but there is an easier way. Click the email link, let them know you speak English and just give them all of your information through email (you’ll need your meter number and knowing the previous tenant’s name helps). They’ll reply back if they have any questions or confirm it’s been set up. That’s it.

My only gripe with their customer service is that I can’t get any help with billing issues. I’ve contacted them twice and they’ve never given me an answer. is the email address

I’ve also seen Enedis mentioned as an alternative to EDF. Unfortunately I don’t know how they work as I simply went through EDF. 

Edit: these days they are much more helpful. I had a question about a bill and they sent back a reply the next day, in English. You don't need an IBAN to sign up either. Most people think that, but it's not true.