Life Hack: Getting Tested in Paris

If you're not French and you want to get tested, or you need the pill but aren't sure how, it's simpler than you think. You have a few options:

The Anonymous clinics. Called centre de dépistage. There are a few places in Paris where you don't even have to give your name. You take the blood test and you're given a number and you use this number to get your results. I think most of them are walk in but you need to know basic French. Luckily there are centers all over Paris so you'll have no problem finding one near you.

The second option is Family Planning (like Planned Parenthood), and this one is actually better for women because you get a whole host of stuff (like Pap smears and birth control). It's free too, even if you don't have carte vitale. I go to the one in the 13th, which lets you make your appointments online. But check around for ones that are closer to you.  

Your last option is to find a gynecologist on DoctorLib. You can find ones that are English speaking. But If you aren't French, you'll have to pay. I don't know what the prices are but you can always ask them. 

And if you need help for basic healthcare, like you suddenly wake up and feel like you're dying and need to see a doctor right away, try Cosem Centre de Sante. Their website: The fee is 28€ to see a doctor and they accept walk-ins.