Getting Stuck in an Elevator

Apparently this is some French rite of passage that everyone goes through. I’m sure if you ask around you’ll find someone who has been stuck at least once. If this happens to you, don’t panic. If you get lucky cell service still works.

I once lived in a beautiful building on Maubeuge. It used to be a brothel. The hallway was beautiful. The elevator not so much. The elevator was one of those that could fit one person at best, and maybe a small child. It was like 4ft long, 2ft wide, and maybe 7ft tall. It was also one of those that you could see the floors out of because the door had a glass panel.

I don’t know what happened, but one day I was taking it to the ground floor and it got stuck. Now you’ll hear a lot of people warn you not to shake an elevator or jump in it (kids do this),  but I did none of those things. It just stopped working.

While I was in it someone opened the door, saw that I was stuck between two floors, and just closed the door, and walked away. Unfortunately the hole wasn’t large enough for me to crawl through so all I could do was wait. I tried the alarm but nothing happened. I tried the call button, nothing. I even tried the fire department (I was still new) and they hung up on me.

Thankfully, and I don’t know how, the guy came out within 30 minutes. It was like 9pm so maybe times weren’t busy, I don’t know, but within 45 minutes he had lowered the elevator to the ground floor and let me out.

If this happens to you, and your elevator is new enough to have the service number (the one I was in didn’t), make sure you call it and give them the elevator number. They can send someone out as soon as. And don’t feel bad, everyone gets stuck in an elevator at least once in Paris. I guess it means you’re finally Parisian or something